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Need for Speed in Oracle Environments – The Impact of Long Tail Latency

Posted by Field Insight on Jun 21, 2019 5:30:00 AM

All communications in an application stack generally take a few microseconds. Some take a few milliseconds which results in higher latency also known as long tail latency.

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Topics: OLTP, Oracle, All Flash Array

What is NVMe? Get Extreme Flash Storage Sans NVMe

Posted by Field Insight on Oct 26, 2018 8:00:00 AM

NVMe has been one of the hottest topics in the storage industry for a while now.  Rightfully so, it is making an impact in the storage industry and moving computing forward.  For storage vendors and customers alike, it is important to be ready as certain aspects of NVMe become standard.  There are two key aspects of NVMe, as it promises to solve backend bottlenecks to flash devices and improve the SAN performance to servers over fabrics.  In this blog, I will share my perspective on NVMe flash modules and how, here at Violin, we solve the flash device performance aspect.

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Topics: IOPS, Violin Systems, Extreme Performance, All Flash Array, NVMe

5G and IoT: Latency Dependent

Posted by Field Insight on Aug 27, 2018 9:04:00 AM

I was having coffee with a friend of mine a few weeks ago and he was talking about some new phone coming out that would be 5G ready. 

Now, I’m not a big “phone” guy and my friend is not in any a “Technology” guy, at least not that he realizes. As a matter of fact, he often picks at me for being a nerd. However, in taking about 5G, it made me start thinking about the impact that 5G will have on me and what I do for a living here at Violin Systems.

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Topics: IOPS, latency, Extreme Performance

Fortune Customers Driving Storage ROI with Consolidation

Posted by Field Insight on Apr 2, 2018 7:08:53 PM

General data, virtualization, and the enterprise services we know, and love are merging. Consolidation is the name of the game and it’s happening on a scale we’ve yet to see in the enterprise. The enabling technology (NAND Flash and associated software) is now mainstream and trusted. However not all Flash is created (or utilized) equal. A major contributing factor to how successful your consolidation rate is, is your ability to take advantage of all the enterprise services out there. That can be a daunting performance task, even for flash. Nothing slows down a system like turning on all enterprise services at once, which means another major contributing factor is the underlying performance of the array(s) your data is stored on.

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Topics: consolidation, Customer Impact, From The Field