Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis has extensive experience in driving storage and software solutions adopted by some of the largest enterprises in the world. He most recently served as Chairman and CEO of Formation Data Services, developers of a revolutionary cloud software storage platform for replace traditional arrays. He previously worked in various executive capacities at EMC, where he was instrumental in helping transform the business from a single-product hardware company to a leading IT solutions provider. Before EMC, Mark was Vice President and General Manager of Hewlett-Packard/Compaq/Digital’s $2.5 billion Enterprise Storage Group, which was the largest storage organization in the world at the time, and served in various storage-related business, engineering and product development roles at Digital Equipment Corporation. He is currently a board member at Ciber Corporation, a leading provider of IT services. Mark has been granted more than 10 U.S. patents for hardware and software technology. He graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1984 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.
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Future of Data Storage Technology: Four Predictions for 2019

Posted by Mark Lewis on Feb 28, 2019 10:45:00 AM

Sometimes the best way to advance the state of technology is to return to past architectures. I call this approach "back to the future" innovation.v

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The Acquisition of X-IO Storage

Posted by Mark Lewis on Oct 16, 2018 6:35:00 AM

Today, Violin Systems signed an agreement to acquire X-IO Storage.  This is big.  Here is why we are doing it.

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The Fastest Enterprise Storage in The World

Posted by Mark Lewis on Oct 2, 2018 12:27:45 PM

Today we announced a really cool new product called the XVS 8. In a nutshell, we made the fastest enterprise storage in the world – faster. Speed, and by speed, I mean ultra-low latency, can do some amazing things. It does the obvious, it lets your applications run faster, increasing profitability and customer satisfaction. Lowering latency does another cool thing, it lets you consolidate your infrastructure.

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A New Endeavour: Sharing Insights with Forbes Readers

Posted by Mark Lewis on Jul 24, 2018 9:08:09 AM

In many cultures around the world, there is a reverent respect for the life experience achieved by elders. In industry, those of us who have been around long enough eventually reach “veteran” status and if we’re lucky carry some sway with our views of where our business has been and where it is going. I’m fortunate enough to be one of those lucky ones, having people around me here at Violin Systems that respect my 30 years of experience driving storage and software solutions. Recently, I’ve been invited to share that experience with a broader audience as an invited member of the Forbes Technology Council.

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Making Violin Great Again

Posted by Mark Lewis on Jul 17, 2018 7:12:57 PM


OK, I am sorry. I couldn’t resist the play on words. This definitely is not a political post.

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Why Violin?

Posted by Mark Lewis on May 16, 2018 2:55:00 AM

Greetings. Since accepting the role of CEO many folks have asked why I decided to join the Violin Systems team. Over my long career, I have held a wide variety of roles within the storage and enterprise software industries (it feels as though I’ve been in the storage industry for eons!). When choosing any new role, opportunity or company I look for one important common denominator. It’s not a particular job function or size of the organization; I must have a passion for and belief in the company’s mission.

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