10 Reasons to Run Oracle Databases on Violin Systems

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Jun 7, 2013 3:47:50 PM

I/O limitations of traditional storage solutions can slow down database transactions. What if you could store all the active data in flash memory? Violin all-flash Memory Arrays offer sustained performance at any scale, for any workload. Whether you are running Oracle for your data warehousing, online transaction processing (OLTP), or analytics workloads, with Violin, you can run even your largest Oracle database in flash memory.

Unleash your applications by running them on Violin. Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Microsecond response times translate into less memory and CPU resources required for the same workloads, allowing you to reduce database per-core licensing costs
  2. Eliminate data marts by consolidating more databases with flash storage that is inherently designed for all types of workloads
  3. Flash density of greater than 32TB and 1 million IOPS per 3 rack unit with RAID protection lowers space, power and cooling costs by up to 80%
  4. Seamless integration into existing SAN infrastructure
  5. Faster report generation and real-time processing on larger databases, accelerating applications by up to 20x and improving workforce productivity
  6. Enable more complex queries and reports to run simultaneously even during business hours with spike-free storage performance for real-time insights
  7. More efficient use of DBA time with less need to tune databases
  8. The storage of choice for TPC-C Benchmarks that provides industry-leading, scalable performance measured by Transactions per Minute (TPM) and IOPS
  9. Increase density of databases in consolidated and virtualized environments with protection against I/O performance loads
  10. Designed for Tier 1 application requirements with redundancy and hot-swap of all active components

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