Big Moves in Enterprise Storage Point to Industry Excitement Over All-Flash – and Also Point to Violin’s Lead

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Oct 6, 2015 1:20:18 AM

There is tremendous excitement about the innovation we're seeing in our customer base for enterprise flash storage.

It wasn't long ago that the thought of an all-flash data center was actually more of a dream. The technology was maturing, but the economics did not always play in favor of customers. Today, with the critical intellectual property that Violin has delivered to the customer base, that's no longer the case. We believe that the enthusiasm for the IPO by Pure Storage this week provides more evidence that all-flash storage has become mainstream. The industry is also further confirming that next-generation vendors are a part of the massive disruption occurring in storage. The opportunity for competitive and economic advantage that flash provides customers is truly transformational.

We're honored with the commendations we've received from industry experts. The view of analysts at IDC, whose July 2015 white paper, "Why AFA Architecture Matters as Enterprises Pursue Dense Mixed Workload Consolidation," cite Violin for its leadership with not only technology important for today – but technology critical for tomorrow's all-flash data center. In the white paper, IDC analyst Eric Burgener said that "Violin's strategy to use a single operating environment to manage all aspects of the FSP... has reached fruition in the platform today, while other vendors discuss that kind of integration as a roadmap capability."

Eric goes on to articulate why Violin has the edge in a highly competitive environment: "Violin is the only vendor that has built an entirely integrated hardware, firmware and software-based platform targeted for use with primary enterprise applications. IDC believes that, going forward, this unique approach will differentiate Violin from other players in the industry in terms of performance, scalability, density and cost unless those players pursue a similar product strategy."

Similarly, respected journalist at The Register, Chris Mellor, wrote a story recently entitled "DSSD says Violin's right: SSD format is WRONG for flash memory." The story discusses how other vendors in the industry are taking Violin's leadership and delivering flash solutions that follow Violin's approach. We believe so too, and, like these experts, we believe that performance, scalability, density and cost will remain the ultimate proof points of winners in the flash storage market. On all four counts, Violin is in the lead, and we intend to keep improving our front-runner position.

Source: IDC July 2015 White Paper, #258074, "Why AFA Architecture Matters as Enterprises Pursue Dense Mixed Workload Consolidation"

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