CIO Predictions 2015

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Dec 23, 2014 12:05:20 PM

10670478_mWith smartphones now carrying more power than the original PC’s and laptops, IT has become a commodity to many C-level execs similar to chairs, machinery, or any other item used to run a company. CIO’s are now constantly challenged by other C-level execs – CEO's, CFO's, and Line-of-business owners – on what IT is doing to “impact the business.”

In 2015, CIO’s can make a tangible difference to the business. How? There is one data center technology that has now come to its own – enterprise flash storage.  All flash solutions are making a huge impact on OPEX and CAPEX. By replacing traditional enterprise storage products with all flash storage solutions, CIO’s now can “impact the business” in several ways.

First, leveraging all flash enterprise storage allows CIO’s to improve Line of Business and external customer application delivery, as well as SLA’s. Ever have the finance team waiting for their reports to finish? Or even run into the next day’s operations? All flash storage reduces that dramatically - in some cases from days to literally an hour or under. Got customers waiting for orders to process or websites to refresh or their software to load from the remote service provider? CIO’s can solve that with all flash storage.

Second, there is dramatic impact on the CIO’s portion of the budget pie. CIO’s can save as much as 70% or more, on their overall data center, software license, physical server, virtualization infrastructure, IT manpower, and environmental expenses.

Lastly, all flash storage enables new business models and revenue development. As an example, one of the world’s largest Telco’s has developed a billing system that allows them to realize new revenue streams just by moving some of their billing applications to all flash storage. In fact, this new billing system will allow this large Telco to bill an additional $140M per year.

In short, CIO’s can substantially “impact the business” by simply moving from traditional enterprise storage to all flash solutions. All this can happen at the same cost of traditional enterprise storage.

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