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Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Jan 5, 2015 9:00:45 AM


Run a simple search. “What is Cloud Computing?”

It will yield thousands of whitepapers, blogs and videos, some a few short words, some that run to great length. All of them saying essentially the same thing: cloud computing is there when you need it and not there when you don’t.

Imagine that you are in a meeting on a new business iniative. Tremendous new data sets will be generated and required service levels will be high. You send a text to your leading cloud storage provider requesting 30 Terabytes of additional storage with the maximum available data protections applied, and it must be available ASAP… “Done” the reply text a few seconds later.

Peak Shaving

In another scenario, it is determined that web traffic to your sites is unevenly distributed over the course of a day. With the agility to scale cloud based storage up and down, from hour to hour, you only pay for peak resources needed to maintain service targets when you need them. Releasing those resources between peak usage periods can result in significant savings.

If demand for IT resources have a different period – perhaps your operations organization runs ERP weekly, or your sales force loads up the systems with orders at the end of the month, or finance and accounting need to run general ledger at the end of the quarter – the agility of the cloud, the reliability of storage built on Violin Systems technologies and the cost savings realized when the resources are released back into the cloud are still important considerations in the process of selecting a cloud storage provider.

Hybrid Cloud

Peak Shaving is one of the benefits of a Hybrid Cloud Strategy, as the illustration below shows. This implementation has IT resources configured in a traditional in-house data center to meet an organization’s routine, baseline requirements. Some redundancy, performance, and security might be derived from this approach, while spikes in demand are handled without friction by calling in resources from the cloud when needed.

The space between the spikes in demand represent savings to the IT budget because the organization does not need to spend the capital or labor to provision for the peaks. From a financial and staffing perspective, the peaks in demand are “shaved off”, while users still enjoy high levels of service.


Enterprise Grade Data Protection, Efficiency and Continuity Services

Integrated deployment of Violin Systems All Flash Array storage technologies allows cloud storage providers to offer tiered, flexible data protection options that can be tuned at a granular level to meet your needs by application, workload or use case. Enterprise data protection software from Violin can be managed at a granular level, turned on and off at the LUN, LUN group or consistency level.


Cloud based storage is one method available for meeting business needs for IT resources. It offers IT professionals the chance to be more agile, to respond more quickly and efficiently, manage costs more closely, maybe even more efficiently, but there are risks.

How is a senior decision maker to pick the right partner from today’s cloud storage providers? How is a working level IT professional to sort through the bold marketing claims to build and defend a recommendation their company can rely on?

All flash storage arrays from vendors like Violin Systems in the cloud storage provider’s solution is one strong indicator that they are a leader, that their products and services will live up to expectations, and that your company’s data will be available whenever it is needed.

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