Violin Symphony: Personalized Storage Management

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Aug 13, 2013 2:10:04 PM

No two IT Managers have the same business needs. No two administrators face the same set of tasks. Why then should the management interface be static and common to all? Violin Symphony, our comprehensive management platform, tackles this challenge head-on with fully customizable and personalized Dashboards.

Let’s face it – every management tool claims ‘full customization and complete personalization’ – so what’s different with Symphony? Well, the difference lies in the many levels of intelligent and useful customization that Symphony provides you:

First, Symphony provides each user the flexibility to have their very own Dashboard – every time you log in, you will be greeted by your very own custom Dashboard, tailored to your preferences in a convenient display.

Next, Symphony allows you to personalize your Dashboard with the information that matters most to you - Symphony supports a rich set of dashboard gadgets, that provide insights into real-time performance trends, health status, actionable alerts, space map and several other critical metrics. You can populate your Dashboard with one or more gadgets of your choice.

Finally, you can customize the information displayed by each gadget to the application(s), array(s), or LUN(s) that you most care about.  So, whether you are interested in knowing the health of all Violin arrays in the production data center or the performance that a specific LUN is providing your business-critical application, you can customize the gadget to display exactly the information you need. You can further customize the gadgets to display real time information or daily/weekly averages. You can also choose bar charts, pie charts or tables as your favorite format to view information.
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With multiple levels of personalization – your own fully persistent Dashboard, your unique choice of gadgets, information of your interest in the gadget, your preferred look-and-feel for the information - Symphony Dashboards provide full visibility into your Violin Systems arrays … all at a single glance!

Take a look at our demo to see Symphony Dashboards in live action!



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