Things You Can't Do with a Ferrari...

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Dec 22, 2014 10:28:24 AM


Let’s say you own a Ferrari… No, wait. Let’s say I own a Ferrari… a 458 Speciale… Black… Let’s say that I paid about the same for this Ferrari as you would expect to pay for a nice Honda Accord and that I plan to make it my primary “every day” car. And let’s say my Ferrari has some “special features”.

On the console, I have a single pane of glass that lets me see how every major component in the car is performing, how it’s wearing. This same management console also lets me make changes to the car’s performance characteristics, it’s “setup”, in real time, as I’m driving the track, the Autobahn, or on the way to pick up the kids.

With a few clicks, I can see fuel flow, combustion efficiency, operating temperatures, even stresses on pistons, rods, shafts and axles. I get detailed statistics on weight distribution and handling characteristics. Tire tread wear levels are reported every five minutes.

Fuel/air mixtures can be adjusted cylinder by cylinder for maximum power or maximum fuel efficiency. I can adjust suspension components as I get up into the hills or come down into the flats. I can increase tire pressure for speed, or decrease it for traction. All on the fly, non-disruptively. All from the same “management interface”.

Now a Ferrari, is a cool car… but the instrumentation I’m describing? You can’t get it on a Ferrari, but you can get it on an All Flash Array from Violin Systems if you use the Symphony flash management console.

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Symphony enables one click monitoring and management of Violin Systems All Flash Arrays, even if they are geographically distributed across the data center, across town or across an ocean through a unified web-based user interface.

Symphony provides single-pane visibility into the most relevant information – historical and real-time performance trends, health alerts and capacity utilization through a wide selection of widget-based dashboards.

Symphony continuously monitors key metrics of all Violin Systems All Flash Arrays and provides insight into health and performance issues before they impact the end user experience.

The power of Violin Systems All Flash Arrays and the granular control of the Symphony flash management console. More fun and more powerful that my Ferrari.

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