Fortune Customers Driving Storage ROI with Consolidation

Posted by Field Insight on Apr 2, 2018 7:08:53 PM
Field Insight

General data, virtualization, and the enterprise services we know, and love are merging. Consolidation is the name of the game and it’s happening on a scale we’ve yet to see in the enterprise. The enabling technology (NAND Flash and associated software) is now mainstream and trusted. However not all Flash is created (or utilized) equal. A major contributing factor to how successful your consolidation rate is, is your ability to take advantage of all the enterprise services out there. That can be a daunting performance task, even for flash. Nothing slows down a system like turning on all enterprise services at once, which means another major contributing factor is the underlying performance of the array(s) your data is stored on.

It’s no longer about the performance of any one mission critical application. It’s about obtaining the performance needed to drive all your applications smoothly in one condensed virtualized, deduplicated, compressed, thinly provisioned, replicated environment with snapshots on while obtaining, at the very least, a 6:1 data reduction rate. This has become Violin System’s Fortune 100 play.

When the large global firms reach out, the ask is never small and the solution absolutely must accommodate.

That’s where the Violin Systems FSP 7700 comes in. Within the same array we scale from 88 TBs to 5.2 PB usable live (with zero downtime) and have enough performance to drive all enterprise services mentioned above in parallel, smoother than any vendor in the market.

At Violin Systems, we’ve been able to achieve this industry leading performance with ground up purpose-built software services for a while now. So, what’s changed? What’s allowing Fortune firms to take advantage in such large scale? The answer is 2-fold, trust (in the technology) and price. At Violin Systems we’re on our 5th generation product. We’ve been a storage provider in most of these firms for 5+ years now with little to no hiccups at all. What other storage vendor can say that? We’re also no longer competing with the price of disk. We’ve blown it away. We’re beating general purpose run of the mill disk prices and we’re doing it at industry leading performance rates with best of breed software services and management tools.

The Fortune play at Violin Systems is the FSP 7700. Drive the best consolidation rate possible and unlock the true ROI that the flash paradigm shift has been promising for years.

Author: Lawrence Lanzilli
Twitter: @lanzilli

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