Flash Mob

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Aug 13, 2015 2:27:54 AM
You’ve seen it on Youtube, and maybe in person. A group of people appear out of nowhere, and do something wonderful. There might be singing and dancing. Then they leave. It all seems so spontaneous.
But of course, it’s not spontaneous. There was a lot of rehearsal and preparation and organization required to make it work. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could create that in your data center?

Where can you get that group of skilled people that will make beautiful music for you? At Violin Systems, our goal is to enable our customers to achieve their desired business and technical outcomes. That brings together a sweet song and precise choreography.

The primary storage market is in transition to all flash, and that’s a lot of dancing. Enterprise IT can now take advantage of the performance and economics gains of flash and the data services now available on Violin’s Flash Storage Platform. However, I have found that customers often need additional skilled resources to meet deadline pressures.

We just introduced our portfolio of professional services and support to fill that gap. When these services are combined with our Flash Storage Platform our customers can seamlessly transition to an all flash environment for primary storage to achieve their business and technical objectives.

Just like rehearsals improve performance, our methodology builds on best practices and expertise with a portfolio of services that enable customers to plan – build – operate their data center infrastructure. We engage with our customers as an extension of their IT team to understand their objectives, document projects with a Statement of Work to manage on-time and in-budget, and then transfer skills and knowledge post project. We also work closely with partners to share best practices and focus on making our joint customers successful.

Violin has worked with top global enterprises to help them make a seamless transition to all flash primary storage. We plan the work and work the plan to deliver our customer’s success. Think of it as our Violin Flash Mob.

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