Increasing Business Value with Lower Latency All Flash Storage

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Apr 21, 2017 9:44:50 AM

If you've been following our series on the importance of low latency in all flash enterprise storage, you will have read about consistency, multiple and mixed workloads, and performance. The short story is lower latency--rather than higher IOPS--accelerates databases and applications when using all flash storage: hence, latency has an incredibly relevant story from a business perspective.

The focus of my post is the real-world experiences of enterprise businesses that reveal how lower latency has dramatically improved the return on investment (ROI) of all flash storage. But first, let's keep our racing theme going with another Formula 1 (F1) racing analogy.

Formula 1 is the most technologically advanced car racing, just as all flash storage is the most technologically advanced storage. While F1 budgets are closely guarded secrets, Autoweek once estimated that F1 cars cost USD $2.6 Million (CAPEX) each (some all flash storage solutions cost more) and many F1 teams spend more than USD $100 Million (OPEX) a season. This makes achieving a positive ROI vital—and challenging.

Positive ROI Wins Races While Business Value Creation Wins Championships

Achieving positive ROI from any storage system is straightforward since winning with ROI involves a one-time event (calculation), just as winning an F1 race involves finishing in first place. Creating business value with all flash storage is as challenging as earning an F1 championship because both involve numerous and complex factors.

Ultimately, combining positive ROI with business value creation is an ideal outcome that businesses can only experience from all flash storage with lower latency. You see, lower latency means the work can be done faster which translates into greater people productivity, higher company morale, increased work quality, greater workplace efficiencies, and lower operating expenses. Lowering latency accelerates response times and we all know that servicing customers faster and enhancing customer experiences creates customer loyalty and increases revenues.

Below are real-world examples of positive ROI with business value creation experienced by enterprise businesses—using Violin Systems all flash storage solutions, of course—and more are available online here.

Lower Latency Facilitates Business Aquisition

Shortly after the Ferrellgas IT team brought their Violin Flash Storage Platform (FSP) solution online, their leadership finalized a deal to buy another company. The acquired company's entire IT operations had been outsourced. By working in concert, Ferrellgas and Violin were able to ensure sufficient capacity to migrate applications and data to the in-house data center and wind down the outsourcing commitment.

"We're an energy company, growing organically and through acquisitions. Operating savings achieved are estimated by Ferrellgas at almost $1 million annually."

— Bill Evans, VP, Information Technology, Ferrellgas

Lower Latency Improves Customer Satisfaction

The largest hearing aid company in Germany, KIND, has more than 500 retail outlets across Germany and an additional 100 outlets across the rest of Europe. Tasks, such as stock checking and accounting, had slowed down significantly, directly impacting employee productivity. KIND's decision to choose Violin FSP as their all flash storage solution improved customer satisfaction because of the speed with which their staff can now provide service to consumers at their retail outlets.

"Violin Systems has helped us to become more efficient as a company with flash storage infrastructure that we can rely on. The benefits we have received more than outweigh the cost of flash storage."

— Christian Emmrich, IT Administrator, KIND Hearing

Lower Latency Positions Business for Future

Valley Health System's patient care and staff support goals required the most robust technology solution possible to both ensure optimal performance and meet or exceed their Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (DR/BC) requirements. Valley chose to work with Violin Systems to design an enterprise-wide, all flash storage environment around the Violin FSP. The overall system now provides the resiliency demanded by the paperless hospital and the recovery stance inherent in HIPAA, HITECH, and ARRA legislation.

"Using Violin All Flash Storage solutions, we are able to reach our growth targets while continuing to provide outstanding service to our community. We are well positioned for the future."

— Eric Carey , Chief Information Officer, Valley Health System.

Industry Expert Reveals Why Lower Latency Wins

Wikibon's online article, titled, "The Potential Business Value of Low-latency Flash" includes detailed economic models showing all flash storage with lower latency reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO). The lowest TCO is delivered by all flash storage providing a 0.3-millisecond latency that matches the lower latency offered by Violin FSP solutions.

"The starting point should be key business database systems, with an emphasis on providing the lowest storage latency."

— "The Potential Business Value of Low-Latency Flash" by David Floyer, CTO at Wikibon

The Expected Business Value of All Flash Storage = Productivity Savings + Net Revenue Gains + Hardware and Infrastructure Savings – Flash Storage TCO. The bottom line is that fast response times is a metric that truly matters in driving success to your business and lower latency is a powerful enabler of this competitive edge and winning the race.

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