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Posted by Tim Stoakes on Jan 19, 2015 5:01:05 PM
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Ouissal-Said-95x125Inarguably, it has never been a better time to be a storage user deciding on a next-generation all-flash array. The last 18 months have been a phenomenal time for the storage industry, with a flurry of all-flash array product announcements, each claiming unique approaches to solving the challenges of getting rid of disk and going all-flash.

Here at Violin, we think this is great. After all, choice and competition drives innovation, affordability and out-of-the-box thinking, all ultimately helping more customers enjoy the benefits of flash and transforming their businesses. And providing “the flash experience” to our customers has been a core part of our DNA from the moment that we started and pioneered flash for enterprise.

One of my favorite parts of my job is to have the opportunity to meet many customers from all over the world across different industries, and learn from them about what they need in order to make the companies they work for and themselves successful. Based on all my customer interactions, I am more than ever convinced that flash is poised to be one of the largest disruptions and fastest technology shifts that the IT industry has ever witnessed.

History books will be viewing the disruption from spinning disk to flash as one of the same magnitude as how we went from mainframes to cloud, from local area networks to the global Internet and from voice landlines to mobile broadband. And similar to all these technology disruptions, the move to flash will challenge status quo and the established vendor landscape in ways that we right now cannot even fully comprehend.

The indicators of this shift are solid; for instance:

  • Flash dominates the tier-0 storage layer and the customer interest to use flash in tier-1 primary storage continues to dramatically increase with every month that passes by
  • The adoption of flash is being considered by customers on a petabyte scale level, rather than a terabyte level
  • The analysts call out the all-flash array market as currently the fastest growing infrastructure market in the IT industry
  • Traditional big disk storage companies all are offering or have announced all-flash array products, signaling effectively all-flash arrays have gone mainstream

Choosing the right next-generation all-flash array to replace your legacy tier-1 disk or hybrid storage array may not always be that simple with the number of options available. However, ultimately, as we have seen in other transitions in the IT industry that I mentioned before, the choice did not necessarily boil down to a specific vendor, but it came down to picking the right architecture first and foremost.

As the head of product management, strategy and technical sales at Violin, I believe that because of our long experience in enterprise flash and deep conversations with our long-standing blue chip customer base, we understand what is needed to build the best all-flash array.

I will share more with you about what we have learned and how we are applying this in our products in a series of blogs that I call “Architecture Matters,” and you can read the first episode right here.

Want to get the full story right now? Just contact us today and we will be more than glad to talk you through why Violin is the best choice for your next-generation all-flash tier-1 primary storage.

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