Larry Ellison, Harbinger of Change

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Sep 24, 2014 5:04:09 PM

This year you could say that #transformation is the best hashtag for Oracle OpenWorld. News of Larry Ellison's stepping down as CEO of Oracle signals a change of season.

Oracle-relational-databaseThere is a fundamental shift in the data center today, just like in the 1970s, when "Ellison saw IBM's relational-database research and realized he could make a business out of it before IBM knew what a good thing it had." Ellison was a harbinger of change then – and a harbinger of change now.

At Violin Systems, we see major leaps in the structure favored by today's enterprise data center. And just like Larry Ellison, we try to recognize fundamental shifts in data architecture and capitalize on our insight into data center trends.

database-cloudWhat was the harbinger for change this time?  Was it the conquest of the Cloud?  Or can we pin it on Software as a Service?  If we are experiencing a shift in the data center, then definitely data center consolidation driven by faster I/O point toward an evolution in database execution.

Although change is in the air, Oracle remains the grand daddy – and critical backbone – of many a serious datacenter. Software types who have been at this game for a while are keeping their glass full as they toast to Oracle this week. At the same time, those in the know are keeping their eyes open to options that might enable a positive change in their use of Oracle.

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Chat with Violin Systems to find out how we enable positive change for every business customer. Stop by our booth to hear for yourself how we transform business lines, consolidate Oracle database infrastructures and lower costs in the data center. We're not just talking about a fundamental change in how data is stored and served – we are living it!  Are you?

Capitalize on your ability to spot fundamental changes in the data center. Get the full scoop from Violin Systems booth #307 at Oracle OpenWorld where we feature these cutting-edge presentations:

Eric Herzog, CMO and SVP of Business Development, will share how Violin Systems revolutionizes the economics of a datacenter.

Gilbert Standen, Consulting Engineer, will share how you can build Oracle on all flash arrays.

Matt Henderson, Director of Business Development Solutions, will share how to build a modern infrastructure for your monolithic database.

Nathan Fuzi, Consulting Engineer, will share how to analyze your own database performance.  Nitin will also share his recent publication, Database Cloud Storage: The Essential Guide to Oracle Automatic Storage Management, and be available to sign books after his presentation.

Beyond the transformative changes that Violin Systems will present, there are plenty of other cutting-edge players at Oracle OpenWorld. See five bands over three epic nights.

This year at Oracle OpenWorld we listen to the sounds of change. We think about Larry Ellison and recognize that this is not Ellison's swan song. Not a chance. For those of us who admire this entrepreneur and grand daddy of relational databases, we recognize that Larry Ellison is not leaving the race, he's just changing his heading. Larry is sailing into a rosy sunset. Whatever direction Larry takes, we wish him fair winds and following seas.


See you at the Violin Systems booth at Oracle OpenWorld.


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