Making Hosted, High-Performance VDI a Reality

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Aug 23, 2013 4:23:53 PM

How can your hosted virtual desktop deployments achieve the following?

  • Sub-second boot time per desktop, which includes VMware tools installation
  • Powerful performance despite continuous boot storms thrown in the mix
  • Sub $500 per desktop for better than dedicated-desktop performance (list price, all components and SW licenses included)

The answer is: if it is hosted at Equinix, executed on Fujitsu and running at the Speed of Memory on Violin flash Memory Arrays.

The Goal

Prove that hosted, high-performance VDI is a reality with a fully operational, 2000 seat VDI deployment.

The Gear                                         

  • Violin 6616 Flash Memory Array
  • Fujitsu BX900S2 blade chassis
  • Equinix world-class hosting center

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The Outcome

The hosted VDI demo at Equinix, using Violin and Fujitsu gear proves that your virtual desktop does not need to be near you for optimal performance. This demo sets to prove that you can reap the benefits of VDI, when you run it on the right technology.

Better than physical desktop experience:

  • FAST boot cycle:  Sub-second boot cycle for single user!
  • QUICK application startup
  • RESPONSIVE system

Cost-efficient and streamlined operations:

  • Sub-3-minute 200 VM boot with 1,800 loaded desktops
  • Reconstitute desktops during work hours without a hiccup
  • Only 13U (10U Fujitsu blade server, 3U Violin storage)
  • Hosted remotely – no data center CapEx required
  • Sub $500 per desktop

 Come watch the live demo at VMworld, Booth #605.

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