My Observations of Violin at Microsoft TechEd

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Jun 21, 2012 1:57:57 PM

Just came back from an exciting Microsoft TechEd conference. Violin was one of the partners to showcase a cluster-in-a-box solution. We demonstrated Windows server 2012 running inside our V6000 platform at the Partner Pavilion. While this was a technology demonstration, the potential opportunities are very exciting. Just imagine a SQL server appliance that can drive 300-400K (8k) IOPS, or an all-flash windows file server that can deliver 500K IOPS? Now, that's disruptive!

Honestly, I had some doubts that we could pull this tech demo off in just  6-8 weeks.  This all started when Microsoft engineers asked if we could port Windows server 2012 into our box as an embedded solution to match the performance they were seeing with external servers. Kudos to our awesome engineering team who worked tirelessly to pull this off and achieve results beyond all expectations!!

The customers who visited our booth were amazed at what they saw,  but what I was really energized by was the enthusiasm various teams within Microsoft showed about the solution and its implications. We talked to the Windows server team, the file services team, the virtualization team, the SQL server team - they all knew there was something amazing here. They knew  the possibilities were endless.   Everyone of them wanted to follow up with us after the show to jointly work on product roadmaps.  Very exciting.

So, why would Microsoft be so enthusiastic about this solution? Here's why: Let me first say that Windows server 2012 package, which includes the server, hyper-v 3, SMB 3, is an awesome package. Lots of great features, but most importantly, availability and performance are at the heart of their solution. So, how do you bring out the best in Windows server 2012? You need a storage solution that can keep up with performance.  No other storage solutions can push the limits of Windows Server 2012 performance.  This is the reason why Violin's relationship with Microsoft is so very interesting. The Violin+Microsoft solution can take out the incumbents and win in the file server market, the VDI market and in the database market.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but with the kind of support and enthusiasm we're getting from Microsoft, I expect great things to come out of this relationship. Stay tuned...

To see Microsoft present the joint solution (and the performance) see this link:

TechED 2012 CIB Presentation/demo recording

The Demo begins at the 58 minute mark if you want to Flash Forward™

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