Setting the Standard: Violin Systems Asserts Technology and Performance Leadership with New Products and Announcements

Posted by Pat Balakrishnan on Apr 23, 2017 7:01:00 PM
Pat Balakrishnan

During the Latency Matters series of blog articles, Violin demonstrated how anyone can Be Instrumental by sharing how lowering latency with all flash storage helps to win championships for their organization.

On September 14, 2016, Violin made lowering latency within enterprise data centers easier than ever with new Flash Storage Platform (FSP) products, services, and a vision that reset industry benchmarks among all flash solutions for storage area network (SAN) environments:

  • New Flash Storage Platform 7650
  • New Flash Storage Platform 7450
  • NewPlatinum Level Support Service
  • New Customer First Guarantees
  • New Vision for Next-generation All Flash Storage

Watch a replay of the Violin Systems Product Launch Webcast now.

New Flash Storage Platform 7650 and 7450

The new Violin FSP 7650 and 7450 all flash storage systems set a new standard for all flash storage within enterprise data center SAN environments by achieving previously unattainable outcomes. By delivering a full suite of tightly integrated data services, across all arrays, in a single native operating system, Violin Systems achieves leadership status across five combined key attributes:

  • LOWEST LATENCY: 200 microseconds at 1 million IOPS.
  • BEST AFFORDABILITY: $0.60 per GB of effective capacity.
  • HIGHEST DENSITY: 140TB raw capacity in a single 3RU enclosure.
  • BROADEST SCALABILITY: 5PB effective capacity with FSP 7700 option.
  • FASTEST PERFORMANCE: 2 million IOPS at 1 millisecond of latency.

As with previous Flash Storage Platform systems, both new FSP 7650 and 7450 offer tightly integrated enterprise data services including powerful data-at-rest encryption that meets the demanding data encryption standards of FIPS-140-2 Level 2 and AES 256-bit XTS.

Download a copy of the Demartek Evaluation Report validating the ultra-low latency at ultra-high IOPS performance of the new FSP 7650, including the finding “the Violin Flash Storage Platform 7650 achieved the best IOPS and latency results we have seen in our lab for a SAN-attached all-flash array.”

New Platinum Support Service and Customer First Guarantees

Violin Platinum Support Service offers customers a more personalized and proactive support experience for their mission critical data center environment, while Violin Customer First Guarantees offer five new service level assurances to customers with Platinum or Gold Support Service packages:

  • EFFECTIVE CAPACITY GUARANTEE: promised data reduction is achieved.
  • HIGH AVAILABILITY GUARANTEE: 99.9999% uptime with FSP Stretch Cluster.
  • SERVICE PRICING GUARANTEE: service renewal pricing will not increase.
  • FLASH ENDURANCE GUARANTEE: no-cost flash replacement if it wears out.
  • SCALABLE CAPACITY GUARANTEE: capacity can be purchased when used.

Violin’s new Platinum Support Service and Customer First Guarantees enable customers to get the most value out of their Flash Storage Platform investments.

New Vision for Next-generation All Flash Storage

Violin also announces a new vision that will incorporate new technologies and introduce new products to further lower latency, enhance data mobility, and facilitate cloud integration. This includes:

  • Further lowering the ultra-low latency of FSP all flash storage.
  • Enhancing data mobility beyond the capabilities of FSP Stretch Cluster.
  • Facilitating private, hybrid, and public cloud all flash storage integration.

Violin’s vision for further lowering the latency of FSP solutions includes future support for the new NVM Express (NVMe) and NVMe Over Fabrics (NVMf) technologies and standards. Violin’s vision for enhancing the data mobility of FSP solutions includes a potential future software defined storage (SDS) product—Concerto in the Cloud—that could deliver a virtualized instance of the Violin Concerto OS that could be deployed in private, hybrid, or public cloud environments.

3 Key Takeaways

  1. New Violin FSP 7650 and 7450 reset industry benchmarks for lowest latency, best affordability, highest density, broadest scalability, and fastest performance among all flash SAN solutions.
  2. New Platinum Support Service and Customer First Guarantees affirm Violin Systems’s focus and commitment to customer service, support, and success.
  3. New Violin vision for Next-Gen Storage includes a cloud strategy and innovations with Concerto in the Cloud and NVMe Over Fabric (NVMf) ready arrays.