Webinar: Pay As You Grow - The Easy Way To Go

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Dec 19, 2014 5:05:48 PM


Pay-As-You-Grow is a non-disruptive software license-based capacity expansion that allows you to expand your storage systems over time, as you need them. Recently, Erik and I took the time to explain how PAYG works and illustrate how it can help you assert more control over your storage expense and when you incur that expense. If you’d like to learn a bit more, I invite you to watch this webinar:





Learn how Violin Systems delivers instantaneous and non-disruptive capacity upgrades on our All Flash Arrays. Hear how you can align your storage CAPEX with the value received while achieving the flexibility to upgrade your capacity simply and quickly.

With Pay-As-You-Grow, your organization can:

  • Test the waters for all-flash array solutions without breaking the budget
  • More closely align expenditure with the value as it is received
  • Decide when to increase capacity usage and to purchase an upgrade on your schedule
  • Deploy Flash as Primary Storage at the cost of Enterprise Disk
  • Unleash performance that can expose new sources of revenue
  • Transform the economics of your data center

Pay-As-You-Grow means you are in control, so it’s truly the easy way to go.


Erik Ottem, Director of Product Marketing
With over 25 years in storage sales, marketing, and product management, Erik has held management positions in IBM, Seagate, Gadzoox Networks, and Agilent Technologies. His experience in enterprise storage provides the background for his current position with All Flash Array thought leader Violin Systems.

Clay Ryder, Sr., Product Marketing Manager for the Violin Windows Flash Array
Before assuming his current role at Violin Systems, Clay was a marketing consultant at NetApp specializing in Microsoft-based solutions and storage efficiency. Prior to his marketing roles, Clay held executive positions in multiple industry analyst firms including The Sageza Group, which he co-founded in 2001, Zona Research, and The X Business Group.

Learn how Pay-As-You-Grow is the easiest way to get the Violin Experience, so you can run your Business in a Flash.

Click here to learn more about Pay as you Grow with Violin’s Flash Storage Platform.

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