Scale Virtualized, Mixed Oracle Database Workloads on Violin

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Aug 27, 2013 1:24:21 PM

If you are here at VMworld, stop by Booth #605 as we demo the performance and capabilities of virtualized, mixed Oracle Databases workloads, running on our flash storage systems.

The demo consists of Oracle virtual machines as well as hundreds of virtual desktops hitting the same Violin flash Memory Array, running on Dell R820 Servers, with the following configuration:

  • Three virtual machines running OEL generating about 250K IOPS each with Oracle workload
  • Four Dell R820 Servers (4 socket E5, 768 GB Memory)
  • Violin 6616 flash Memory Array (8 TB usable, 1M read IOPS)

What we achieved:

  • Application performance spiked: Sub-millisecond latency from the storage sub-system accelerated the applications running on the virtual machines by 20x.
  • Increased performance density and scalability with linear scaling of IOPS to 500K IOPS without any impact to latency (<1ms sec). This, despite the addition of the throughput and IOPS consumed by the virtual desktops on the same systems.
  • Mixed workloads ran concurrently without impact to other running applications, allowing you to mix and match different workload types without the need to for tuning.