Selling Storage with Integrity

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Mar 18, 2015 10:05:05 AM

I want to sell you my product, but only if it actually helps you solve a problem.


In order to determine whether that is the case – whether Violin Systems Flash Storage Platforms can help solve data storage problems in the enterprise, I would first try to understand your problem: growing data with static reporting windows. Virtual Desktop deployment with storage bottleneck concerns, lost revenue from timeouts on your billing system… whatever the situation, understanding the problem is the first step.

When that is complete, a rational comparison of your needs and actual product features seems like a sensible next step. If you are trying to improve end user response time, consolidate storage, refresh legacy arrays with All Flash Arrays, respond to tighter SLA’s, the product must have the capabilities required to solve the problem without creating new ones.

If the product capabilities seem to match the needs, perhaps a test drive would be a reasonable. A proof of concept or evaluation testing, maybe an onsite visit to work with the Flash Storage Platforms in our labs. With these steps complete, and any others deemed necessary, you would be able to determine whether the Violin Systems portfolio of All Flash Arrays, Flash Storage Platforms and Professional Services were the right fit for your requirements. If this seems like a reasonable, if albeit simple, process, then one has to ask oneself why would a competitor ever resort to that lowest form of sabotage, spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt about a competitors’ capabilities.

Unhelpful at best, dangerous and expensive at worst, the use of FUD should be a huge warning that the person and company delivering it do not have your best interests at heart. I am all for standing behind your company and standing behind your products and services, but win it with the product, not with the words. Challenge Violin to defend what we are saying and, by gosh, challenge all vendors to be transparent with their financials. We have to be…we are a public company.

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