The Cost of Compromise: #9 Foregoing Real-time Data

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Feb 20, 2013 12:03:26 PM

Many organizations use reporting or decision-support databases to offload reporting overhead. Often these databases have data “bulk loaded” from the live database so that multiple aggregation and calculation routines can be run without affecting live operations.

There are multiple challenges with this approach. In many cases, the additional license cost of running these databases is substantial.  But the real compromise is often the stale data. By the time the data is loaded, it may already be out of date. To address stale data challenge, you can synchronize the data in real time with the use of products such as Oracle GoldenGate or Active Data Guard. But now you have further increased your licensing costs and added more complexity to the environment.

What’s the alternative? Well, by now you’ve guessed it: all roads lead to flash. By removing the I/O bottleneck, the option to run reporting on the live database now becomes realistic.  You now have a far more simple design, and one that allows for savings in licensing costs and gives all users access to real time data. Databases running on Violin arrays now have all of the benefits of  in-memory databases.