The Violin Systems Four-Level System Architecture

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Apr 11, 2012 2:53:18 PM

Violin 6000 flash memory array internal

Much has been discussed about the various approaches to flash storage in the enterprise. Violin has taken an architectural path that started with early innovations in our unique Violin Switched Memory (vXM) architecture and hardware based vRAID to build a tightly integrated system that can't be achieved with off-the-shelf components or stand-alone devices.

This design provides specific advantages in delivering a system optimized for enterprise network storage that balances performance, reliability and economics. The system approach means that all layers of the system, hardware and software, work together to deliver performance density in a high availability package. Robin Harris of StorageMojo breaks down the four layers of control in Violin Systems Arrays in a short video posted to his blog. It covers how the Flash Controller, VIMMs, vRAID, and the Array Controller all work together to maximize the performance, reliability, and efficiency of flash. Please check it out on StorageMojo.

Topics: architecture, flash memory, Systems Design