Violin Flash Memory a Hot Topic at Gartner Data Center Conference

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Dec 12, 2012 5:31:18 PM

At the Gartner Data Center Conference this week, the role of solid state technology in the era of big data analytics was a hot topic of conversation. From the keynote to the exhibition hall, there is growing awareness that solutions such as the Violin 6000 Series Memory Array can save space, cooling, and power consumption in the data center while improving performance when accessing and analyzing data sets.

As Violin's director of marketing Ashish Gupta explains, "Violin is at the forefront in delivering the next-generation of what we call flash-based storage arrays. We're seeing a whole spectrum of adoption from financial services to telecom, retail and social media--every sort of customer that's out there looking for faster response times and solutions for I/O bottlenecks. The kinds of challenges we solve exist across all sectors, so we end up getting interest from every single vertical you can think of."

Violin is an exhibitor at the event and caught the attention of Colleen Miller, a journalist and social media expert from Data Center Knowledge, who chatted with Ashish and Ken Hoppe, VP Channels, about what the company offers and how the flash memory arrays can be used to save space in the data center, improve performance and even reduce licensing costs. Check out the video below to watch the interview:

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