Violin Systems to Present at NY Oracle User Group

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Nov 11, 2014 4:30:28 PM


Attend the December general meeting of the New York Oracle User Group and find out how to achieve top performance with LXC Linux Containers.

LXC Linux Container

Hear Gilbert Standen, Solution Architect for Oracle and Virtualization, share how bare metal performance can be achieved for Linux Containers on all-flash arrays. Gilbert has been a DBA for over 20 years and has presented at Oracle user groups for many years. Gilbert posits that LXC containers could become a new growth area as they continue to go into production.

Gilbert says, "There's no need to let the limitations of hypervisor hurt the performance of your virtualization."


Gilbert continues, "LXC Linux Containers have no hypervisor so they run at bare metal speed, yet they offer the efficient use of resource because tens or hundreds of discrete containers can run on a single server host at bare metal utilizations."

Event: December General Meeting for the New York Oracle User Group
Presentation: Building Oracle on LXC Linux Containers
Presenter: Gilbert Standen, Solution Architect for Oracle & Virtualization, Violin Systems
Date: Thursday, December 11th
Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Location: Borough of Manhattan Community College; 199 Chambers Street, NY NY 10007
Cost: $35 for non-members; free for members
Registration: Click here to register.  Advance registration highly recommended.  Substantial security at this venue.

If bare metal utilization sounds sexy to you, come out and hear Gilbert Standen share how virtualization – even in the financial industry – can perform at optimal levels when running on all-flash arrays.  See other Oracle luminaries presenting at this event:


  • Kuassi Mensah
    Oracle Corp. Product Director for Hadoop and Java products
  • Mike Ault
    A legendary name among Oracle users and author of 24 books on Oracle
  • Bobby Curtis
    Senior Technical Consultant for Enkitec, a global systems integrator for Oracle

We hope to see you at this valuable event held on the beautiful campus at the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

Topics: Oracle, Databases