What could you do if your Storage Infrastructure ran @ the Speed of Memory?

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Jul 25, 2013 6:22:43 PM

Suspend disbelief for a moment and ponder the following questions: What would your business look like if we made it economical to run your storage infrastructure at speeds closer to that of memory than that of disk storage? How fast would your applications run? What business models would it open up? How much competitive advantage can you gain?

Whatever your business is, whichever market you are in, whoever you serve, it behooves you to stop and think.

You can radically transform your business:

  • Increase by 60% the average revenue per transaction on your online bidding marketplace.
  • Offer business-critical Database-as-a-Service that delivers consistent sub-millisecond latency with economics that are 2x better than deploying on legacy VMAX storage
  • Cut the cost of storage of your virtual desktop infrastructure by 50% while delivering user experience that is better than that of a physical desktop with SSD drives
  • Achieve 10x improvement in your SAS analytics applications to accelerate your retail business
  • Speed up your dark pool trading system by 5x and save over a $1M in operating expense over 3 years
  • Boost clinician productivity by enabling real-time indexing and search of patient data in Microsoft Sharepoint at massive scale
  • Develop video games 2x faster by making your test/dev infrastructure dramatically responsive to the needs of your developers
  • Speed up your on-line loan processing 3x by virtualizing and consolidating all Oracle databases onto memory storage
  • Deliver forensic services on demand by accelerating Microsoft SQL server 1500% with Violin
  • Meet the SLAs for your email marketing platform by reducing database query times by 90%

These aren’t just hypothetical scenarios but real world cases of several Violin customers who have seen incredible acceleration of their application processes, resulting in tangible business gains.

Stay tuned as I delve deeper, through a series of blog posts, into each of the above cases and highlight the benefits of running your applications @ the speed of memory.

Topics: Oracle, database, flash memory, SSD, VDI, SQL Server, Virtualization