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Posted by Tim Stoakes on Sep 21, 2015 5:01:40 PM
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Demartek Validation Test Report

Violin 7300 Flash Storage Platform™ Supports Multiple Primary Storage Workloads

Disk is Dead

Accept it. Embrace it. The media have. Analysts at Demartek and IDC have. Many of your competitors have. You want to make the right decision and move to purpose-built all-flash storage for the availability, reliability, performance and complete data protection services, but there's that cost thing: You think flash might be "expensive".

Think again. Because all-flash storage has hit that tipping point where even the $/GB are the same as, or less than, traditional OR hybrid storage.

The True Cost of Ownership

But the True Cost of Ownership goes way beyond the $/GB comparison of the storage media, especially when you factor in the value multiplier of being able to put multiple workloads on a single Flash Storage Platform and the capacity multiplier of granular data reduction – being able to dedupe and compress data application by application, LUN by LUN or array by array. IT heroes see that.

This week's thought leadership piece, a report from the Demartek Validation Test Report: Violin Systems 7300 Flash Storage Platform Supports Multiple Primary Storage Workloads is a technical analysis of the density gains IT storage professionals might see when consolidating mixed multiple workloads onto Violin all-flash arrays.

For example a prominent Violin customer in the technology sector brought in Violin All Flash Arrays to drive workload and footprint consolidation as well as performance goals. They expect to save more than $1 million per year over their legacy storage solution in power, cooling, floor space and maintenance.

In a case like this, the True Cost of Ownership isn't a cost at all. The savings are bigger than the cost of the system, installation, migration and maintenance. However, cost avoidance isn't the biggest impact on a flash storage-based data center.

The real heroes in technology understand money is to be made, not just saved, from all-flash storage. They look beyond reduced cost of maintenance, floor space, power and cooling available for all-flash storage.

Go on the Offensive

They used all-flash from Violin as an enabler of data center resource utilization. In their case, better storage performance meant fewer servers, fewer software licenses, and the people that were maintaining all these systems can now be used for more productive pursuits. Storage performance turns into a competitive advantage as those resources develop new revenue sources in their data.

Today's data center superheroes understand that compute resources are optimized with all-flash storage. You get more work done, help the company's bottom line. Invest the savings from refreshed, inefficient legacy or hybrid storage in new projects to make the company stronger. Generate new revenue, new profits and improve the stock price. You might even get a bonus.

The power of all-flash storage is amazing. Violin customers are realizing these benefits now. So can you. It's not magic, it's advanced optimized flash technology.

Read the full Demartek Validation Test Report: Violin Systems 7300 Flash Storage Platform Supports Multiple Primary Storage Workloads at http://info.violin-memory.com/diskisdead.

Disk is Dead. Accept it. Embrace it. Turn it to your advantage.

Go to http://info.violin-memory.com/diskisdead/ to find out more.

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