Digital Transformation for CIOs During COVID-19

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on May 28, 2020 9:37:01 AM

We still don’t know what things will look like once we get past this pandemic, and we don’t even know what our workplaces will look like a few weeks or months from now. One thing we do know? The way that we are doing business will be forever changed by the COVID-19 coronavirus and its effects on our economy and how our systems operate.

When things started to shut down in March, and companies started running much of their business out of their own home, it started a new digital transformation. We are already seeing the ripple effects of that today. For example? Facebook, Apple, Twitter, and Microsoft have told their employees that even once it’s safe for us to work in the same offices side by side, that if they want to continue working at home indefinitely, they can shift their work to their home office for good.

We’ve also seen major cracks in the supply chains, with shortages in tech gear and shipment delays as families balance parents working from home and kids shifting to e-learning.

What can help solve some of these issues that come with these seismic shifts? Flash storage, artificial intelligence, automated systems, and big data analytics all operating to meet demand and keep your business going.

Whether you’re looking for a fix just until things can return to normal or you are preparing for permanent shifts in the way we do business, there needs to be a full digital transformation to keep things moving even during quarantine– and flash storage may just be the answer that comes with lots of additional benefits.

Working From Home with Flash: The First Major Impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus

As we all take our work home with us and implement social distancing, some businesses have been able to transition their systems easily, while other businesses have struggled. The main difference from a technology standpoint? It’s considerably easier to transition to working remotely if you have flash storage systems that support cloud architecture, enabling you to run your business from anywhere.

Flash storage can be an essential part of your cloud architecture, which makes it much easier to work from home without delays or other issues. Generally, flash systems can operate with 10 times the amount of performance, with a fraction of the power consumption.

Flash storage systems can better handle active data, which makes them a stronger solution for cloud computing. More work can be done from home to slow the spread of the virus, and this work can be done faster, without latency or network connection issues you might find in other systems that don’t rely on flash-based active-active systems like the ones Violin Systems has to offer.

Online Shopping, Flash Storage, & Transaction Processing

We are shopping in-store much, much less than we used to, and online retailers are seeing a huge spike in sales. In fact, retailers who sell non-essential products are experiencing double, and even triple the sales and demand that they’re used to seeing.

Without flash storage, which works quickly to provide ultra-low latencies, especially during a high demand period where you might be seeing lots of queries, you can expect delays. Flash solutions not only keep transactions flowing quickly, but they can also ensure the continued security of your data.

Online sales may decrease once we can shop in our favorite stores again, or some may find it to be a convenient way to get what they need. You can prepare for an eventual increase in demand by bolstering transactional processing power with a flash storage system.

Flash Storage and Big Data Analytics

One of the ways that flash storage capabilities can help companies stay caught up is through the use of big data analytics. Since COVID-19 has affected the supply chain in every industry, across the globe, the capability for big data analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) can help businesses keep the pulse on supply and demand, as well as market correlations, customer preferences, and more to focus energy and efforts on what is most in demand while it is happening.

With an unsteady supply chain like we are seeing now, businesses can use big data analytics to communicate with suppliers and provide a level of transparency in the supply chain that will keep everyone on the same page. This means that suppliers can adjust production schedules and locate interim supply sources whenever necessary to stay in motion. AI can even automate processes to maintain momentum. Rather than guessing where efforts need to be focused, you can gather data about the supply chain and place attention where it’s needed most. The best part? Much of this can be automated, so it happens without any additional work from you.

How does flash storage enable big data analytics? With a flash storage platform like the options available at Violin Systems, you work with hundreds of terabytes -and even petabytes- of computing power, which makes for faster analytics and even noSQL databases that provide data in real-time.

Economic Benefits of a Flash-Driven System

With questions about how the pandemic will impact the economy in the short- and long-term future, and what effects that may have on individual companies, some CIOs are looking for ways to tighten their budgets and conserve spending wherever possible. Are there ways to do this without negatively impacting the quality of the goods or services you provide?

One way to cut costs is to switch to a flash server. Why is this? Enterprise-grade flash systems are much more competitive in price, consume less power, and can have lower operational and maintenance costs, which can help counterbalance any dip in sales you might experience during an economic downturn. Moving forward, a flash system is a much better financial option for your bottom line.

There’s no doubt that the future holds uncertainty, which will undoubtedly contain some stress for CIOs. However, you can mitigate some of these stressors with the use of flash storage solutions to keep things running smoothly, no matter where your office is or what’s happening with sales or the supply chain.

Violin Systems can be your ticket to a smooth system during quarantine and beyond. Want to learn more about how we can transform your digital systems and keep you afloat? Get in touch with us today to learn more!