4 Benefits of Enterprise Flash Storage

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Mar 9, 2020 10:27:21 AM

Flash storage for enterprise storage systems is quickly becoming the storage entity of choice for many businesses-- especially those who have high-performance needs, or those who use apps for things like accessing or storing to databases or operating artificial intelligence.

There’s a boom happening right now in the world of enterprise flash storage systems; from 2017 to 2018, revenue jumped up 41.7%, taking over wholly one-third of the global external enterprise systems market.

Why is this growth happening so fast? What is it about flash storage that is just so very appealing to companies across the world?

Let’s look at why enterprise flash storage is so beneficial, and why it may be the right choice for you.

What Is Flash Storage?

Flash storage uses a new kind of data storage technology that is based on high-speeds, which offers electrically programmable memory. It gets its names from how quickly data is written and accessed.

Flash storage uses a kind of nonvolatile memory called flash memory, which means it doesn’t require power to maintain your stored data. This means that even if the power goes out or you experience a power surge, you never lose your data. Nonvolatile memory won’t lose data when the disk is turned off, or when it loses its power supply.

When you use flash storage memory, you are using electronically-erasable memory. It’s read-only and highly programmable. There are no moving parts within flash storage, and they can retrieve information in a matter of microseconds-- this is because the storage drive is known as an SSD, or solid-state drive.

Because your flash storage doesn’t have any moving or mechanical parts, it relies on less power and has no mechanical limitation for file access, which is why it can retrieve information so quickly.

With Violin Systems, flash storage also means that you have access to your interface via a web-based management system. It’s customizable and offers scalable storage sizes, so no matter how much or how quickly your company grows, your flash storage grows right alongside you.

Improved Performance Capabilities

When you use an enterprise flash storage system, you also receive incredible performance capabilities that you won’t find elsewhere. Working with hardware like that of Violin’s Quartet product portfolio, you work with storage systems that are optimized specifically with exceptional performance in mind.

With enterprise flash storage, you also have reduced application run time. Because it takes less time to retrieve information, everything else takes less time too.

Each product within the Quartet was created with the idea of providing the most speed, data, and availability, all with decreased power consumption. Unlike overprovisioned hardware that slows and stalls as the amount of data you store increases, our enterprise flash storage systems work at 100% performance even when your storage is full at 99.99999% capacity.

You never have to sacrifice performance and wait for information retrieval; it’s there for you in microseconds from Day 1, with the same level of speed and reliability no matter what.

Secure Storage

No matter how and where you choose to store your data, security is always an essential question. How can you keep your data safe?

With data protection in the form of constant encryption, you are keeping your most secure files safe, at no extra cost to you. Some encryption services can cost you money each month -- around $87 per year for admin fees or more, and you have to donate applications, establish the encryption, and more.

When you use an enterprise flash storage system from Violin though, like the Violin QV2020, encryption keeps your files safe automatically via built-in encryption, saving you money, and the time it would take to add additional security. The Violin QV2020 is always shipped with built-in 256-bit AES encrypted drives, with no extra steps required from you.


Flash storage like the QV2020 comes with a great deal of storage space. This means that there is less frequent drive replacement for you. You don’t have to migrate files from one drive to the next, hoping that nothing is corrupted or lost in the process. Your data is just there: available to you when you need it with room to spare.

At Violin Systems, your storage solutions are designed to be scalable. There is a size and a function available for every size company and the data they have to store. Our enterprise flash storage is scalable in 12 steps, so you can trust that there is a perfect size for your needs, and know that you can still grow and expand as needed without having to switch to a new storage system with a new company; it’s all done in one place to make your life as simple as possible.


More and more companies are choosing enterprise flash storage solutions for their data needs because flash storage is a one-stop-shop. All-flash storage systems offer data abstraction, deduplication, data encryption, acceleration and more-- you don’t have to paste these capabilities on top of an already expensive, less evolved storage solution.

It’s definitely worth crunching the numbers because with one system you can eliminate a massive storage controller, and manage your data all in one place. It’s streamlined, and chances are, it will save you money too.

Are you looking for enterprise flash storage solutions that fit your budget and your storage needs? Why not store your data with the team who invented flash storage? At Violin Systems, there is a flash storage size that’s perfect for your needs, whether your data requirements are large or small. Our storage size options start as low as 9.6 TB and can grow all the way up to 494 TB raw in 2U. We can grow with you.

What do you need to do next? Let us get the ball rolling for you. Contact us today, and we can perform a totally free storage HealthCheck to learn more about your current data storage. Once we learn more about your storage infrastructure, we can come up with the perfect flash storage plan for your current and future needs.

Safety, security, and ease of use; what have you got to lose? Let’s get started today.

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