Affordable Data Storage: Cost-Saving Through Extreme Performance

Posted by Gary Lyng on Dec 14, 2018 1:00:00 PM
Gary Lyng
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At a young age, we are pre-programmed to believe that high performance is expensive.  As kids, we played with toy cars of Ferrari and Porsche that are known for performance but associated with high cost and only the rich typically own.  Additionally, such cars are not known for efficiency or for that matter reliability until the dawn of Tesla electric cars.  Tesla offers high-performance acceleration, zero gas costs, low cost of operation and it truly transforms the pre-programmed thinking. Unfortunately, the acquisition cost of a Tesla is not that affordable for everyone, yet.


In the Enterprise storage world, traditionally high performance has equated to high acquisition cost and in many cases high cost of operation.   Violin® Systems breaks this model by providing a low-cost and competitive acquisition cost, along with low-cost of operation truly transforming the data center through extreme performance at microsecond latency.  By providing extreme performance storage with integrated enterprise data services, a massive reduction in costs can be achieved, enabling fewer servers, less expensive cores, fewer application licenses and doing so in very few rack units while ensuring continuous operation and efficiency of the whole system. 


Applications and Time-to-Insightman looking at stats

From Transactional Oracle and SQL, Server-based applications to Real-Time Analytics and ERP applications Violin customers have experienced 1000x increase in performance, 300% faster data integrity reports and reduced the server and software infrastructure costs by 40% and higher.  Violin is the expert in delivering extremely low-latency storage solutions for latency-sensitive applications and with the demand for higher performance fueled by workloads including real-time fraud analytics of transactional data, as well as, AI and machine learning and many more, Violin continues to innovate breaking boundaries while ensuring data is always available, supported by enterprise-class data services.


New Application Experiences, New Revenue from Your Dat

Breaking boundaries enable innovation!  Violin continuously breaks boundaries in price-performance resulting in our customers gaining competitive advantages while reducing cost.  A trading application customer generating $1M per second had their application improve by 4 seconds, netting additional millions of dollars, a tangible return-on-investment.  With the dramatic improvements in application performance so does the dramatic improvement in the experience of the applications end-users, leading to improved customer satisfaction.  So, now with performance and price boundaries taken off the table, a new breed of applications and services are now possible.


Data Center Economics, Save Money


It is generally thought that high performance equates to a high price; just like a performance car that traditionally has had a high price tag.  Not true for Violin Systems, with Violin not only are the products affordable, but the Violin extreme performance also enables a significant reduction in servers and cores, expensive software, and a dramatic cost savings and cost avoidance. By deploying Violin Extreme Performance Platforms our customers have reduced operational expenses by ~70% while improving performance, clearly breaking boundaries in real-world application deployments.



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