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Cloud Computing

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on January 5, 2015

Run a simple search. “What is Cloud Computing?” It will yield thousands of whitepapers, blogs and videos, some a few short words, some that run to great length. All of them saying essentially the same thing: cloud computing is there when you need it....

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Things You Can't Do with a Ferrari...

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on December 22, 2014

Let’s say you own a Ferrari… No, wait. Let’s say I own a Ferrari… a 458 Speciale… Black… Let’s say that I paid about the same for this Ferrari as you would expect to pay for a nice Honda Accord and that I plan to make it my primary “every day” car.....

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Chat with Team Violin this month in Manhattan, Paris, Seattle & Austin!

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on October 31, 2014

Chat with Violin Systems in a town near you! Visit with Violin in Manhattan, Paris, Seattle and Austin! Find out for yourself the business advantages of All Flash Arrays from Violin Systems.

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Migration Do's and Dont's

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on September 15, 2014

Any IT project will succeed or fail based on the quality of planning, communication and execution: A drama-free data migration is no exception.

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