Garbage Collection & XtremIO – Fiction & Fiction: Part I

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Dec 6, 2013 2:31:37 PM

This post is part of a series of posts (starting with XtremIO - At the Bit Level) where I will explain not only the significant architectural failings of the XtremIO product, but also the fundamentally and deliberately  misleading way they have presented their product to the market, in my opinion.

During EMC’s launch of their XtremIO product, they made a number of jaw dropping claims, which they now seem to be trying to pretend were never said, such as one XtremIO blogger who comments:

One of the eye opening claims we made during our launch on November 14th was that the XtremIO array doesn’t have any system-level garbage collection processes.  In the coverage and chatter that followed our launch we noticed that some people interpreted this to mean that the flash in our arrays was somehow impervious to the need for garbage collection, which of course is impossible.  To be clear, all flash requires garbage collection.  What matters is where and how it is performed.  With XtremIO, performance is always consistent and predictable because garbage collection is handled in a very novel way, only possible with XtremIO’s unique architecture.”

What is the very novel way that XtremIO handles garbage collection? What is it about their architecture that is so unique that only their approach makes this possible?  In this second post, we try and answer these questions, and we are sure the answers will surprise you.

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