NAND: A Brief Background

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Oct 7, 2013 9:23:53 PM

NAND flash (solid state) storage is the new rage in IT.  As only a new technology can, it is quickly becoming the focal point in new solutions architecting.  Where once we had to manage hundreds or thousands of disk drives, dozens of LUN groups, many shelves, RAID types, unit allocation, hot spots, complex software and tiering we can now place all of our data into one, or a small few, all-flash arrays and receive amazing speed with little to no tuning or advanced planning.  Even for systems with a moderate I/O workload this new technology can be cheaper once the software elimination, power reduction and administration time is factored in.  But, not all flash storage solutions are the same.

NAND flash is a somewhat new technology and it brings with it a new set of terminology, a new set of pros and most certainly a new set of cons.  It is the new gold rush and new flash-based storage vendors are popping up by the dozens.

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Topics: flash memory, nand flash technology