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Vote for Us! Violin Systems Selected as Finalist for Two SVC Awards

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on October 6, 2014

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Migration Do's and Dont's

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on September 15, 2014

Any IT project will succeed or fail based on the quality of planning, communication and execution: A drama-free data migration is no exception.

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Webinar: SQL Server in a Flash

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on September 11, 2014

Greetings! Increasing the performance of SQL Server workloads remains a hot topic. Given the importance that tabular data plays not only in your organization, but also that of your trading partners, it’s not at all surprising that this remains of....

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SQL Server and the WFA: Part 2 - Latency Matters

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on August 28, 2014


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SQL Server and the WFA: Part 1 - Lots of I/O

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on July 31, 2014


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Violin & Microsoft's High-Performance, All-Flash Enterprise Storage

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on April 24, 2014

Guest Blog: Scott M. Johnson Senior Program Manager, Windows Storage Server @supersquatchy

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What does running your critical applications on flash memory mean for your business?

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on December 9, 2013

Jim Thomas, Director of IT Operations at Pella, discusses the business case for running his critical applications on Violin Systems, even with 10 months left on his existing SAN storage:

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Garbage Collection & XtremIO – Fiction & Fiction: Part I

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on December 6, 2013

This post is part of a series of posts (starting with XtremIO - At the Bit Level) where I will explain not only the significant architectural failings of the XtremIO product, but also the fundamentally and deliberately  misleading way they have....

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Violin Symphony: Personalized Storage Management

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on August 13, 2013

No two IT Managers have the same business needs. No two administrators face the same set of tasks. Why then should the management interface be static and common to all? Violin Symphony, our comprehensive management platform, tackles this challenge....

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