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Introducing the “Architecture Matters” Blog Series

by Tim Stoakes on January 19, 2015

Inarguably, it has never been a better time to be a storage user deciding on a next-generation all-flash array. The last 18 months have been a phenomenal time for the storage industry, with a flurry of all-flash array product announcements, each....

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Cloud Computing

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on January 5, 2015

Run a simple search. “What is Cloud Computing?” It will yield thousands of whitepapers, blogs and videos, some a few short words, some that run to great length. All of them saying essentially the same thing: cloud computing is there when you need it....

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CIO Predictions 2015

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on December 23, 2014

With smartphones now carrying more power than the original PC’s and laptops, IT has become a commodity to many C-level execs similar to chairs, machinery, or any other item used to run a company. CIO’s are now constantly challenged by other C-level....

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Violin Systems and OpenStack Momentum

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on November 20, 2014

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Chat with Team Violin this month in Manhattan, Paris, Seattle & Austin!

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on October 31, 2014

Chat with Violin Systems in a town near you! Visit with Violin in Manhattan, Paris, Seattle and Austin! Find out for yourself the business advantages of All Flash Arrays from Violin Systems.

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Latency Matters

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on January 24, 2014

Independent studies by Google and Microsoft’s Bing team were seeking to understand the impact of latency on user behavior. Their studies generated surprising results. The companies presented their results jointly at the O’Reilly Velocity conference....

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The Advantages of Inline Deduplication?

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on December 14, 2013

Many vendors make some very interesting claims about their inline deduplication feature and why it is superior to post-processed deduplication. Their claims: Save you space Increase the endurance of the flash by eliminating writes Increase the....

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Garbage Collection & XtremIO – Fiction & Fiction: Part III

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on December 10, 2013

Part II of this series on the XtremIO product launch triggered some questions, which I will address in this post. Is the performance of XtremIO “consistent” AND “predictable”? Is it even “consistent” OR “predictable”?  Is it “the only all-flash....

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Garbage Collection & XtremIO – Fiction & Fiction: Part II

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on December 9, 2013

In Part I of this series, I told you to take note of this slide and that we would revisit it to show just how misleading the XtremIO launch really was. Now, before I get into what this says about XtremIO, let me first explore what it does not say....

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Garbage Collection & XtremIO – Fiction & Fiction: Part I

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on December 6, 2013

This post is part of a series of posts (starting with XtremIO - At the Bit Level) where I will explain not only the significant architectural failings of the XtremIO product, but also the fundamentally and deliberately  misleading way they have....

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