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XtremIO at the Bit Level

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on November 14, 2013

At Violin Systems, the Gartner Group market share leader in Flash Arrays, we have been watching the developments at EMC/XtremIO with great interest. We’ve noticed a few things:

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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Flash Vendor

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on October 7, 2013

NAND flash brings with it a new set of terminology; a new set of pros and most certainly a new set of cons.  New flash-based storage vendors are popping up by the dozens.  So, what is an IT person to do with all this new technology?  Simple. Ask....

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Multi-tenant and Multi-instance Systems on All-flash Storage Arrays

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on May 9, 2013

Modern hosting and service providers often face the challenge of managing the cost efficiencies of their platform.  A common solution is to deploy a multi-tenant or multi-instance architecture in which many customers share the same hardware.  The....

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The Real-Time Generation

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on April 8, 2013

Ever wonder what makes Siri so effective, or as effective as she can be? Or wonder about how fast G+ Local populates on your mobile the local eateries and bars in your vicinity, along with commentary or ratings from your circle and even daily....

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The Cost of Compromise: Coping with Spinning Disk

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on March 6, 2013

While servers with advanced multi-core processors and networks with low-latency multi-gigabit per second interconnects have kept up, storage has not. Just how much effort and resource is required to band-aid the performance gaps of legacy storage....

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