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The Fastest Enterprise Storage in The World

by Mark Lewis on October 2, 2018

Today we announced a really cool new product called the XVS 8. In a nutshell, we made the fastest enterprise storage in the world – faster. Speed, and by speed, I mean ultra-low latency, can do some amazing things. It does the obvious, it lets your....

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Violin Systems and OpenStack Momentum

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on November 20, 2014

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At the Show Floor, VMworld Booth 605

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on August 27, 2013

Listen to Ashish and Narayan share their thoughts on Violin's presence at this year's VMworld in SF:

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Making Hosted, High-Performance VDI a Reality

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on August 23, 2013

How can your hosted virtual desktop deployments achieve the following? Sub-second boot time per desktop, which includes VMware tools installation Powerful performance despite continuous boot storms thrown in the mix Sub $500 per desktop for better....

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Is this the year of virtual desktops?

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on August 23, 2013

What’s stalling virtual desktop deployments? Virtualizing desktops has been one of the top 5 IT initiatives for the last few years. However, about half of the VDI projects are stalled due to unacceptable user experience and project cost overruns.....

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What could you do if your Storage Infrastructure ran @ the Speed of Memory?

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on July 25, 2013

Suspend disbelief for a moment and ponder the following questions: What would your business look like if we made it economical to run your storage infrastructure at speeds closer to that of memory than that of disk storage? How fast would your....

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Multi-tenant and Multi-instance Systems on All-flash Storage Arrays

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on May 9, 2013

Modern hosting and service providers often face the challenge of managing the cost efficiencies of their platform.  A common solution is to deploy a multi-tenant or multi-instance architecture in which many customers share the same hardware.  The....

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Modernizing vs Revolutionizing

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on April 26, 2013

SSD’s are like cordless phones and DVD’s.  They made an improvement on an existing technology but didn’t revolutionize its use.  In technology there is a difference between the concept of modernizing and revolutionizing.  Modernizing is finding a....

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Why Storage Performance Matters - Part III

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on March 14, 2013

In the previous two installments of this article, I discussed the high cost of squeezing performance out of legacy storage for high-performance enterprise applications, and how legacy storage performance destroys value and increases costs.

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Why Storage Performance Matters - Part II

by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on March 7, 2013

Legacy storage vendors, wanting to prove value, will use the $/GB metric to justify their price tag.  They will attempt to prove value by stating that their storage system costs $0.07/GB. As I pointed out in part I of this article, the key  for....

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