Why Storage Performance Matters - Part I

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Feb 28, 2013 10:00:07 AM

When deploying a new IT system, the four key questions are:

  • What are the goals and what value is to be created?
  • How do we achieve those goals?
  • What type of systems should be implemented to meet the goals, and what is the required storage performance?
  • Does the target system support the value that the initial goal demands?

For instance, your goal may be to reduce the total cost of ownership associated with the thousands of desktops in your enterprise.  You will achieve those goals through centralized desktop management.  In the process, reducing the costs associated with the needed infrastructure and the human management of that infrastructure creates value.

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Setting the IOPS Performance Standard for VMware vSphere

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Jan 16, 2013 10:02:20 AM

Our friends at VMware published their second blog on the vSphere I/O characterization with Violin Systems arrays. Violin is pleased to be part of the VMware’s in this area and we’re excited about the results they are achieving with our flash-based storage technology. Here are some highlights from the latest post:

  • A single VMFS-based VM can drive 850K Read IOPS and 620K 60/40 Read/Write IOPS with just one Violin 6000 Series flash array (the previous 1 million IOPS validation used two Violin arrays).
  • VMFS can perform as well as RDMs in variety of I/O profile scenarios.

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Violin Systems is VMware Ready

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Dec 20, 2012 6:11:25 PM

As part of our ongoing work with VMware to accelerate IT transformation, we're excited to announce that Violin 6000 Series memory arrays are now certified as VMware Ready solutions. VMware Ready designates VMware’s highest level of endorsement for products, and demonstrates that our products meet VMware standards and are ready for use with VMware vSphere, VMware View and other solutions.

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Violin Systems Sets VMark Performance Record at Dell World 2012

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Dec 11, 2012 8:45:49 PM

As announced on the Dell Tech Center blog, Violin Systems set another virtualization performance record in the latest VMmark 2.1 benchmark result.

The combination of Violin 6616 flash memory arrays and Dell PowerEdge R720 servers achieved a score of 11.39 @ 10 tiles, topping the best published 32-core VMmark 2.1.1 results from Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM published just a day earlier.

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Key Insights & Considerations for a VDI Implementation at Anglia Ruskin University

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Oct 9, 2012 2:04:58 AM

Gregor Waddell, Assistant Director IT, Anglia Ruskin University is joining us for a two part blog series where he shares his insights on the university’s VDI initiative.

In my previous post I outlined how VDI implementation reduced power consumption and increased IT performance at Anglia Ruskin University.

We opted for a VDI deployment to achieve our objectives to reduce power consumption while at the same time provide an optimum IT environment and experience for our 32,000 students.

The building hosting the new IT open access area assumed no need for cooling, presenting a heat issue for traditional PCs. At the same time our media-rich applications added to power consumption and also meant that thin client technologies weren’t an option.

These challenges all presented themselves at a time when VDI technology was coming of age, and addressed all of these issues. We went through months of planning and testing, and finally, in September 2011, we successfully launched the new Hosted Virtual Desktop using Violin flash Memory Arrays. As part of the process it became clear that storage performance is key to VDI and our existing traditional spinning disk did not offer sufficient performance. Our virtual machines needed 80-100 IOPs per desktop. This is where Violin was the instrumental partner of choice, making VDI a reality for us.

This post highlights key insights and considerations for successfully implementing a VDI infrastructure, given the huge research process we went through.

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VDI: When Using Less Power is More Powerful

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Oct 5, 2012 10:26:01 AM

Gregor Waddell, Assistant Director IT, Anglia Ruskin University is joining us for a two part blog series where he shares his insights on the university’s VDI initiative.

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Flash Storage Buzz at VMworld 2012

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Aug 28, 2012 1:30:23 PM

As with VMworld shows of previous years, the 2012 edition is proving to be an outstanding event. The expo floor has been packed, the keynotes excellent and crowded, and dozens of companies are showing off their latest innovations. I'm convinced that VMworld has become the one IT industry show that no one wants to miss.

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Violin is Redefining Enterprise Primary Storage - and EMC is Taking Notice

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Aug 28, 2012 9:55:54 AM
Joe Tucci at the Violin Systems Booth at VMworld 2012
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One Million IOPS from a Single VM

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Aug 27, 2012 11:24:31 AM

VMworld Day One: VMware and Violin set single VM performance record with over one million IOPS on vSphere.

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What's Your #VMflashfact ?

Posted by VIOLIN SYSTEMS on Jul 31, 2012 3:38:26 PM

IT Conference season is heating up in the storage world. We’ve been to Storage Field Day, The Big Event, and on August 27 our team is heading to VMWorld San Francisco, arguably the premier IT infrastructure show of the year. Storage - particularly flash storage - is going to be front and center, so we’re kicking off #VMflashfact – a month long virtualization awareness discussion focused on flash storage solutions to share interesting facts and ask questions leading up to the show.
What’s a #VMflashfact? Good, bad or ugly, we’ve all got a story to tell when it comes to virtualization and storage. Whether it’s servers or desktops, we know there’s something about your VM that makes you tick (or maybe twitch). It can be a quote from your storage idol, a statistic you heard at a panel, a favorite product, or an interesting industry fact.
Here’s how you can join the discussion:

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