The Acquisition of X-IO Storage

Posted by Mark Lewis on Oct 16, 2018 6:35:00 AM
Mark Lewis
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Today, Violin Systems signed an agreement to acquire X-IO Storage.  This is big.  Here is why we are doing it.

Violin currently builds the fastest enterprise storage arrays in the world. We are unique in the market because we offer the unique combination of speed AND a complete suite of advanced data services. We principally serve enterprise customers. XIO is the industry leader in delivering high-performance storage with full features at the lowest cost in the market. XIO serves mostly small and medium-size businesses.

As we looked at the combination, we figured out that we could combine the Violin extreme performance technology with the XIO price performance technology and create something truly transformational – enterprise storage that is BOTH 400% faster AND 50% less expensive than traditional all-flash arrays! What’s not to like.


rocketboyssmallimage-1Together, Violin and XIO will fully support their existing solutions; going forward, the team will deliver a new generation of storage solutions that will set a whole new bar for price/performance. This solution will seamlessly scale from small to large (Terabytes to multiple Petabytes) without skipping a beat.

Our storage will not only be the best Tier 0 storage option, but our economics will also let you upgrade your Tier 1 data to this higher performance tier while still lowering costs! Our success together will come from focusing on a single combined mission and combining the strengths of both Violin and XIO technology. Game on.



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