The Fastest Enterprise Storage in The World

Posted by Mark Lewis on Oct 2, 2018 12:27:45 PM
Mark Lewis
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Today we announced a really cool new product called the XVS 8. In a nutshell, we made the fastest enterprise storage in the world – faster. Speed, and by speed, I mean ultra-low latency, can do some amazing things. It does the obvious, it lets your applications run faster, increasing profitability and customer satisfaction. Lowering latency does another cool thing, it lets you consolidate your infrastructure.

XVS 8 blue light clear background

By reducing latency, your applications get their data more quickly and they spend less time waiting for data. This, in turn, means that your CPU utilization goes up and you get more done with less infrastructure. Typically, that infrastructure savings is significant; it can be as much as 60%. What should you do with a solution that improves performance and reduces costs – buy it!

But wait - there’s more. We also added cloud predictive analytics and a totally new Augmented ARviolinappReality (AR) application that lets you look “inside the box” by just holding your phone up to the system. It will instantly show you all the metrics of the system, like temperature, performance, and deduplication ratios. We also added a feature called LUN-selective deduplication that lets you optimize for performance or efficiency, in the same system!

How fast are we? With our new 32GB FC and NVMe, we can reduce transaction latency to 50 usec. Now that is fast! To put in into context, this is typically 10 times faster than other “All Flash Arrays” in the market and 20 times faster than a legacy disk array!

While there are a couple of other ultra-fast storage systems in the market, the XVS 8 is the only system that gives you the speed AND a complete set of data services like asynchronous replication, snapshots, consistency groups, encryption, data deduplication and much more. No other system has it all.

If you were waiting to see if Violin was going to continue to innovate and lead the market, the XVS 8 makes it completely clear – Game on!


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