IT Infrastructure Trends: Speed Up Business Application Performance

Posted by Todd Oseth on Dec 4, 2018 12:00:00 PM
Todd Oseth
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The rate in which applications can complete their tasks for your business can often determine the success of your business. Many successful businesses segment their applications by their contribution to revenue or profit.  These businesses have made the leap in their IT strategies from IT as a resource (that is shared in many cases) to IT as a success criterion for a specific part of their business.  AFAs or all-flash arrays is one approach to solve the need for speed, however not all AFAs solve application problems well.

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You can pick many different functions in a company and identify applications that are the cornerstones of success.  By segmenting applications, IT infrastructure needs to change its criteria to business terms instead of traditional technology terms of ‘speeds and feeds’. The business parameters are a combination of the applications core strengths and the results that must be produced when running the application.  For instance, databases have been used for years for their computational power and data access, so they can compute inventories, monthly billings, and many other data analytics.  This computation is based on queries per second, basically the amount of mathematical work that needs to be done on a data set.  By raising the nomenclature to application terms, we have a better way to provide system solutions that can maximize a result for an application, which in turn can maximize your businesses profit.


A business that can identify a direct correlation of business application performance to success will easily be able to see the advantage of the combination of higher speed processors and storage.  The not so obvious need for speed is for system cost reduction.  By increasing the efficiency of each component in a system you can reduce licensing costs dramatically.  For instance, if you reduce your data latency by 100 usec, you can potentially reduce the number of licenses.  This savings in licensing is frequently greater than the costs of the highest performing AFA.

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Every IT infrastructure has a need for speed.  By segmenting your most important apps from other applications you can increase your company profits.  By increasing your component efficiency, you can create a reduced cost environment that also outperforms a traditional and outdated approach.

The need to segment applications and for them to increase actionable results has been with the business for the last 40 years.  When old-school thinking of common component IT architectures is used for economic reasons your system becomes marginalized, and in the last 40 years being average rarely delivers a competitive advantage.